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We're a leading-edge research and development company that focuses on building your organization's capacity to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. We work with you to produce measurable results, so that you can learn at the speed of change. We research, field-test, and evaluate a variety of thinking and learning processes to identify which ones produce high performance. To do this, we focus on enhancing learnable intelligence in individuals, teams, and organizations. Because we're connected internationally to leading researchers in the field of thinking and learning, we have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, including our own experience with a wide variety of private- and public-sector organizations.

2011 Lifelong Learning Award in Innovation for Lifelong Learning

MHA consultants work with you to learn at the speed of change. To do this, we transfer our processes to you. We mentor you in your own learning so that you can use our processes and approaches without needing us to help you. That is why MHA stands for mentoring human action.

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