About the MHA Institute

We’re a leading-edge research and development company that focuses on building your organization’s capacity to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. We work with you to produce measurable results, so that you can learn at the speed of change. We research, field-test, and evaluate a variety of thinking and learning processes to identify which ones produce high performance.

Research that Informs Our Work

We mine knowledge and information from a variety of disciplines, including science, social science, humanities, and fine arts. What makes us unique in the field of thinking and learning is that we take what we learn from the research, and synthesize it into new knowledge about how individuals, teams, and organizations learn. Then, we find ways to put it into practice to meet your needs. In other words, when we work with you, we’re doing research. We’re always learning why something works and why something else doesn’t. And what we learn from working with you is added to our body of research and shared with others. We mine every experience for its learning potential.

How We Work WIth You

When you work with us, you get your needs met in a way that can be measured — and something more. You get a surprise that no one can anticipate. For example, many of the participants in our programs tell us that they experience increased effectiveness on a personal level in all aspects of their lives. One participant, who was laid off told us that, after taking our program, he was far more resilient to change than he ever thought he would be. He takes one day at a time, and is able to manage the complex feelings that accompany uncertainty. The reason these surprises happen is because we design programs that tap into innovation, invention, creativity, and experimentation (the crucial elements of resilient behaviour.)

Who We Serve

We serve customers who come from four different groups. These customers are:

  • Decision makers in organizations who want to produce results that improve performance
  • Consultants, trainers, teachers, instructors, and facilitators who want support in their work, and who want to know the latest research in the field of thinking and learning
  • Practitioners who want to use our work in their organization, and require support in doing this
  • People in organizations and in the general public who want to enhance their thinking and learning capacity

About MHA Consultants and Associates

MHA Institute is comprised of a unique collaboration between a number of consultants, associates, and researchers. MHA Institute also works closely with a number of practitioners who are in the process of being qualified in the Leadership Through Learning (LTL) Program.