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Understanding and Working with Learning Styles

University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension, Edmonton, Alberta

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Certificate of Adult Continuing Education

Each person has a unique learning style that determines how they learn best. The most successful leaders and trainers realize the connection between understanding and using learning styles. This course will explore two inventories that focus on learning and training style, discover how people demonstrate their preferred and non-preferred learning and training styles in a variety of situations, identify activities that create learning environments that both meet people’s preferred learning styles and stretches people into their non-preferred learning styles and apply the strategies and concepts to the workplace. Apply the easy step-by-step design system and comprehensive Course Design Guide for creating learning experiences that engage learners.


Check out the following webinar available from Herrmann International:

Thinking Styles and the Learning Cycle: How to Design for Optimum Learning Outcomes

Complimentary Guides

Learning Styles Questionnaire (LSQ) Interpretation Guide (Version A)
LSQ Guide and Interpretation

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