Managing Performance Courses


As change accelerates, it creates a greater degree of complexity and uncertainty, which then increases the speed of change. It is a vicious cycle, with change and complexity feeding off each other to create even more change and complexity! The result is that people experience general feelings of disorder and loss of control. As a manager and/or supervisor, it is likely that you are responsible for dealing with the problems that result from the increased uncertainty that change creates. In addressing these problems, most supervisors and managers typically deal with one problem at a time. However, in the complex systems in which people work, you can’t be effective if you are dealing with problems as if each one was an isolated case. You need to deal with each problem by analyzing and understanding the system that is creating the problem. In this course, discover how to use systems thinking to analyze performance problems and opportunities, and to develop actions that produce optimal performance and business results.

Note: This course is currently not being delivered as a public course at an institution.