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University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension, Edmonton, Alberta

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Individuals are complex — a mixture of genetic personality traits, influenced by an environment full of experiences. Put several people together in a group, and complexity increases. Put several groups together into a community, such as an organization, and complexity increases even more dramatically. In fact, every time you add another person to a group, another group to a community, complexity increases substantially. We are caught in the wave of complexity and change, and we so often act as if we have to run faster and faster before it sweeps us under. But there is another way — you can surf the waves of change. In this course, you are introduced to the Decision Support System, which integrates the thinking processes of systems thinking, reflexive practice and strategic practice, and creates emergent leadership. Combined with action learning, you will discover a way to engage the energy of change and complexity to shape the future you desire.

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 Decision Support System Quick Reference Guide

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