Thinking Styles Courses

Thinking Styles, How They Affect Facilitation and Learning

University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension, Edmonton, Alberta

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Certificate of Adult Continuing Education

Each person has a unique thinking style that determines how he or she learns best. Thinking styles dictate how people think, communicate, manage projects, give feedback to each other, coach and train others, make decisions, solve problems, take actions, and work in a team. Successful leaders and trainers recognize the power of understanding and using thinking styles to promote individual and team learning. One week before the course, you will need to complete an online survey called the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). You will receive the results of this survey during the first day of the course.


Check out the following webinar available from Herrmann International:

Thinking Styles and the Learning Cycle: How to Design for Optimum Learning Outcomes

Complimentary Guides

HBDI Guide and Profile
HBDI Guide, Profile and Interpretation

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