Consultation Services

The best way for us to understand your needs is to meet with you to determine where you are at in your specific situation. Working with you, we can recommend solutions that will work within your specific situation so that you will get the most from your investment.

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Organizational Development Services

From our experience in many types of organizations, and under many different circumstances, we believe that some form of action learning process is required to create any cultural change. As well, any cultural change initiative requires management support to protect the learning environment created through action learning.

The LTL Program has been developed for both leadership and team development. It promises to produce measureable and sustainable results that will both surprise and please the leaders, teams, and organizations that experience this program.

If you you want to create a learning organization, we can help you to do that. But, to do this, you have to be serious about change. When something changes, it changes forever. There is no going back. This is true change. True change requires that both the thinking and the behaviour change forever. A person who knows how his or her brain affects decisions now makes decisions based on this new information. This person makes different decisions that produce different results. This person has changed his or her behaviour. There are a number of ways in which we can help you to do this, and, in the process, to create a learning organization.

Executive coaching is a way for you to have access to an MHA Consultant or Associate, who works with you to help you to discover solutions that work for you. This can occur over the phone, through email, and face-to-fave.

We design training and development in such a way as to get the greatest return on your investment that is possible. We work in partnership with you through a consultation to identify your needs, and to develop a strategy that meets your needs.

MHA consultants are instructional designers who are able to develop curriculum based on your needs. They are also able to design instructions and develop detailed agendas, lessons plans, handouts and PowerPoint presentations.

MHA Consultants are certified and qualified in administering and interpreting a number of assessment instruments, and are also able to conduct workshops in each instrument.

Process Services

We help you to map current business processes, to identify issues that arise from these business processes, and to redesign aspects of these business processes, in order to be more effective.

You need to solve a problem and/or to get a task or set of tasks done. You don't have time to learn how to do this; you have only enough time to do the task at hand. That's when you need a process facilitator to guide you through the process. As process facilitators, we design and facilitate a process that helps you to get your work done, at the speed of change.

MHA consultants are technical writers who are also plain language and learning experts. They easily work with subject matters experts to develop all forms of technical manuals.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions are our specialty. Over the years, we've worked with our customers to develop these custom solutions. We can build a strategy that fits your needs. And if we can't meet your needs, we'll tell you up front.