Leadership Through Learning (LTL) for Leaders and Teams

2011 Lifelong Learning Award in Innovation and Design for Lifelong Learning

The LTL Program has been developed for both leadership and team development. It produces measureable and sustainable results that both surprise and please the leaders, teams, and organizations that experience this program. Even more important, the LTL Program creates willingness in leaders and teams to engage in the learning process, and to be accountable for the results. The LTL Program uses action learning, which has a proven track record over 40 years in producing results and creating loyalty in the leaders and teams who experience action learning.

To deal with the conditions that change creates, leaders and teams use all of the skills, knowledge, and experience that they have at their disposal. In today’s complex environment, leaders and teams often find that their solutions to problems do not work over the long term, or that their fixes actually cause more problems to appear. This results in leaders and teams who are often frustrated and confused, asking themselves, “Why do our fixes not work? What are we doing wrong? Why can’t we make things better?” Leaders and teams share a common concern that there are never enough resources or time to adequately address the problems.

Unless leaders and teams learn to think and act differently, they will continue to struggle with problems they cannot seem to solve. If organizations are to match the speed of change, leaders and teams need completely different approaches to dealing with complexity. The MHA Institute Leadership Through Learning (LTL) Program features these approaches — ways of thinking and acting that enable everyone in an organization to solve real problems in real time, and to create the resilience required to deal with complexity and change. The LTL Program integrates an action learning approach with a decision support system; these strategies work together to help leaders and teams make informed decisions and take effective actions in real time.

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