Process Facilitation

What Is a Process Facilitation?

You need to solve a problem and/or to get a task or set of tasks done. You don't have time to learn how to do this; you have only enough time to do the task at hand. That's when you need a process facilitator to guide you through the process. As process facilitators, we design and facilitate a process that helps you to get your work done, at the speed of change.

Facilitating for Results

We work in partnership with you through a consultation to identify your needs, and to develop a strategy that meets your needs. If process facilitation meets your needs, we work with you:

  1. To identify your specific needs
  2. To design a process that meets your need
  3. To develop participant materials
  4. To develop a schedule for the process that meets participants' schedules
  5. To facilitate the process through to actions that participants can implement
  6. To document participant input and findings, and to prepare a final report
  7. To evaluate the effectiveness of the process, both for participants and for meeting the need
  8. To identify the next steps