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Systems Thinking Software - Operational Systems
Systems Thinking Software - Operational Systems
Item code ST11-12-05
ISBN 978-0-9737697-4-6
Author NueQuest Information Technology
Publisher MHA Institute Inc.
Price $75.00
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Our new Systems Thinking Software has been developed to help you to use systems thinking in real time.  The software follows the steps in the Systems Thinking Guide, and is easy to use.  It provides you with a tool you can use at your desktop, during a workshop, or during a team problem solving session to guide you through the Quick Step Systems Thinking Process.  Record the results of your team problem solving directly in the software and deliver a complete report to your team at the end of a session including operational maps and action plans with the touch of a button!  The software makes it easy for you to keep a record of thoughts and observations in a structured way.  You can record comments, create operational maps using archetypes, and select leverage points.  It is an essential partner to the Systems Thinking Guide and will help you quickly apply what you have learned about systems thinking in your daily work.

The software includes the base software ISBN 978-0-9737697-3-9.  Additional modules for the Relational System and Cultural System, that run on the base software, can be purchased when they are developed.

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