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Revving Up Thinking and Learning: Course Design Guide (Version C)
Revving Up Thinking and Learning:  Course Design Guide (Version C)
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ISBN 978-0-9687704-8-1
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If you ask people what the word learning means to them, you will get many responses: school, discipline, restrictions, rules, structure, feelings of panic, stress, competition, boredom, and tests. People tend to equate learning with a myriad of experiences that may have little to do with what learning actually is. The most troubling aspect of these responses is that so many learning experiences seem to have been unrewarding. As a result, people may harbour negative perceptions toward the word, and ultimately the concept of, learning. It is as if the great wheel of learning has stopped for many people.

Yet learning continuously is vital for today’s workplace. The individuals, teams, and organizations that value learning, and that are willing to learn effectively, are those that are better able to respond to increasing change and complexity. Today, information may be power, but the ability to learn effectively is the key to being successful in the 21st Century.

What we need to do is restart the wheel of learning that is resident in each person. That is what this Course Design Guide does. It shows you how to create an environment that puts learning and the learner in the driver’s seat. In this Guide, discover a Design System that you can use to design any kind of learning situation, including short presentations, workshops, courses, and programs. Explore easy-to-use design patterns, templates, and strategies that rev up thinking and learning.

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